Monday, March 07, 2005

March Is Red Cross Month

March is officially Red Cross month in the US. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage my readers to contribute to the American Red Cross if at all possible. You can find information on donating to the American National Red Cross here. I would also like to encourage you to give to your local Chapter. Click here to find your local Chapter and where to send donations to it.

Also, check out the American Red Cross website and look at the services they provide, particularly in Disaster Services. Look at what you're getting if you donate. I think you will find that it is worth it.

I would also like to encourage you to check out the section on volunteering on your local Chapter's website. The American Red Cross will train you in a variety of disciplines so you can help in your local community and across the country. Volunteers make up the core of the American Red Cross and without them it could not provide services to those in need.


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