Friday, March 04, 2005

Is It Any Wonder This Guy's Been Married Like Five Times?

Rush Limbaugh, actuarial statistician:

The life expectancy of men is drawing closer to that of women. Women still live
longer than men because their lives are easier.

I'll take broad generalizations for $500, Alex. Rush Limbaugh, a guy who lived half his life on welfare before getting a cushy job lying on the radio all day and popping pain pills like candy, is, of course, only too qualified to talk about how hard the lives of men are in the US. Show him an unmarried teenage girl whose boyfriend is happily going to college, leaving her to support the child herself, and Rush will tell you how he got so fat sitting around collecting welfare checks that he could barely get out of his double-wide trailer. That was a real trial. What does a teenage mother know about hardship? Get a job, kid. Jeesh.

Sexual discrimination. Spousal and boyfriend abuse. Rape, torture, kidnapping, assault. Yeah, women sure have it easy, don't they, Rush?


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