Friday, March 04, 2005

Who, Us?

During the Clinton presidency, Senate Republicans blocked 60 or so of Clinton's judicial nominees by not allowing a vote on them on the Senate floor or not even allowing them a hearing in the Senate Judiciary committee.

So now that the Democrats are the opposition party and have blocked ten (yes, ten) of Bush's 229 first-term judicial nominees, the Republicans are claiming, with a straight face, that "conservatives never use these tactics because they approach the controversy in a much more gentlemanly fashion." The Republicans seem to not only have conveniently forgotten that they used "these tactics" 10 times more often during the Clinton administration than the Democrats have during the Bush regime, but also that they were the first ones to use the filibuster to block a judicial nominee way back in 1968!

This is yet another example of the depths of hypocrisy conservatives have fallen to into order to control the political discussion in this country: Use any kind of dirty tactic but then act like a unspoilt virgin white as the driven snow when those same tactics are used against you. I don't have my copy of The Prince in front of me right now, but the conservatives must have been reading Machiavelli lately because this sort of deception (read: bald-faced lie) is encouraged by Machiavelli.

Which part of "family values" does "the ends justify the means" fall under, I wonder? In what part of the Bible does Jesus preach hypocrisy, deceit, and character assassination? I must have missed it.

Of course, like the wife of an abusive husband, the Democrats refuse to fight back, just cringing under these assaults of propaganda and hoping if they are really quiet they won't get hit again.

Stand up, you idiots! Own your opposition! Tell everyone who will listen yes, we are blocking Bush's nominees, here's why, and we're going to keep doing it! How much air time can the left fill with file footage of Republican filibusters and taking about them? A lot, I would bet, if every Democrat and liberal on TV talked about it incessantly just like the Republicans do their lies.

Wake up, Democrats. There's one important thing an opposition party absolutely must do: Oppose.

Right now, you're failing.


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