Thursday, February 24, 2005

Stop Playing With That Soccer Ball and Make Me a Steak, Woman!

According to the wingnut who wrote this article, women shouldn't play sports because "sports greatly hinders the development of godly, Biblical, feminine character," that playing sports leaves women, "ill-prepared to be Biblically obedient wives and mothers," teaches them "to be like men so they can better compete with men in traditionally masculine roles - i.e., compete with them in the workforce, in politics, in the military..." and that "One of the reasons so many women today enter the armed forces (and workplace) is due to their participation in sports, which have helped prepare them for that endeavor."

Oh, my, no! We must ban women's sports right now! We obviously don't want women living as if they were human beings and not just so much chattel for men to trade and have wait on them.

Most men I know admire a woman who is reasonably healthy and fit; they are also
attracted to a woman who is somewhat "soft" and cuddly... Female athletes also
sneer, wince, push, and fight just like the men. I notice these things all the
time in pictures in our hometown newspaper. The sneers are most obvious; they
make young women very unfeminine. The masculine uniforms and sweaty bodies
aren’t very attractive, either.

Don't women know that they must live their entire lives with the goal of making sure they always to look attractive for men? Duh.

...young girls are trained in sports right along with the boys. To me, this can
only be degrading to the boys...

Well, naturally, since women are inferior, right? Just like them blacks. We shoulda never let them play sports, either.

But this one really cracks me up:

[A] telltale sign of paganism is nudity. It shouldn’t be a secret that
women’s sports promote immodest attire. The pressure to be immodest is just one
more reason women should avoid sports...

Because, you know, all the neo-pagans and Wiccans that I have ever met were mannish sports stars. Oh, wait, no. They are usually about as far from jocks as you can get. It's hard to play soccer and also spend a lot of time brooding dressed in black smoking clove cigarettes. They just don't go together, time management wise.

But this is an example of why religion, and Christianity in particular, are dangerous. This isn't just some isolated kook that we can shrug our shoulders and ignore. There are lots and lots of people like this, out there fighting for theocracy, and now that they are getting legalized discrimination against gays put down as law, do you think women are far behind? Don't think these people don't want to repeal women's suffrage. If playing soccer is a problem for this guy, voting is obviously beyond the pale.


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