Tuesday, February 22, 2005

...Keep Your Enemies Closer

Of course, I think the membership of the AARP, who are generally conservative on most issues other than Social Security, would be surprised to learn that the AARP is one of the Bush regime's enemies.

Members like my grandfather, who is both a member of AARP and the NRA. I'm sure that my grandfather would also be surprised to learn that he and the other members of AARP who fought in WWII, as well as those who fought in Korea, Vietnam, or had family who did, to find that they are anti-military. And I guess all that gay nursing home sex is why the AARP has suddenly turned pro-gay.

But, like I said regarding the evangelicals, the elderly voters who helped put Bush back in office have little right to be upset by the regime's sudden slander of the organization fighting to preserve their Social Security benefits.

The Bush regime brooks no dissent with its policies, and will sweet talk you all the way to the voting booth and then jam a shiv in your back when you step out. In fact, this is a regime that will do things like using elder's dislike of gay marriage to get them to vote for its candidate, and then turn around and accuse elders of being pro-gay!

There is no shame or honor with this bunch. Poor evangelicals and the elderly slit their own throats when they fell for Bush's campaign lies and voted against their own economic self-interest. He played them like a violin, scaring them with the gay marriage and terrorism boogey-men, all the while sharpening his dagger for the kill.


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