Monday, February 14, 2005

Is It Just Me?

Personally, I not only think this image (from this article from the Common Dreams site) is pretty funny, but it really wouldn't have been much skin off my back if it happened to me:

[A] boy of about 13 ("the age of accountability") is walking home from school. As he enters the house, he finds it empty. "Mom? Mom!", the boy calls, but she doesn't answer. He shrugs and goes to the kitchen to get his own snack, looking annoyed.

Then the music shifts to an ominous minor key, horror-movie style, and he begins to search the house. Holding a sandwich, he races through the house calling desperately, "Mom! Mom! Where are you?!"

Then the narrator explains--Mom has been raptured up into the heavens to be with God, leaving the boy bereft to regret his sinful ways, then burn in hell for all eternity.

I mean, I think it's just hilarious that some people actually think this is going to happen some day. And that their "just, loving God" is the one who whisked this kid's parents away and left the kid to fend for himself as if God were a Sandanista death squad or something.

Also funny, but sad at the same time, is that the people who freak out because their kids might have seen a bare breast for a split-second on TV think it is okay to psychologically scar their kids for life by telling them stories like this and that it is better to let their kids get a sexually transmitted infection or pregnant as a teen than "promote sex" by teaching their kids about condoms. Even evangelical, Pentecostal, and fundamentalist Christians act like Christian Scientists refuse to give their sick kids medicine because of their religious beliefs. But, to my mind, not telling a kid about how condoms can keep him or her from contracting HIV and eventually dying from AIDS is no different or less crazy.

But, I tell you, I wish the Rapture (which has very little biblical support, BTW) would happen already, because then I wouldn't have to hear about it any more! Plus, we'd get ourselves a bunch of new blue states and a brand new President! And, there'd be all this stuff lying around for the taking. I'm gonna get myself a Mercedes, because even though Jesus said that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven, a lot of Mercedes owners seem to think they're gonna be selected...

(On a side note, wouldn't the Secret Service have to try to stop God from taking Dubya if the Rapture happened tomorrow? And wouldn't God be committing a Federal offense by spiriting the President out of the country? For that matter, God would be committing all kinds of Federal offenses for kidnapping and fleeing the country... I guess God isn't as big on "the rule of law" as the right-wingers, eh?)


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