Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gay Marriage, Bad... Gay Prostitution, Good

So, it turns out that Jeff Gannon, aka James Dale Guckert, the guy the White House planted in the press corps to ask Bush and McClellan softball questions, not only has no press credentials whatsoever, but is also a gay male prostitute on the side. But, even more disturbing, the FBI never uncovered this little factoid during its customary background security check because the White House issued Gannon temporary one-day press passes in order to bypass the security check, which is only done on those requesting permanent passes.

Now, I don't have a problem with gay male prostitutes. I think prostitution should be legal. But if you or I were a gay male prostitute and tried to get a job requiring an FBI check, we would be out on our ears in a second. For that matter, if you or I had a DUI or two, like Bush and Cheney, we would be laughed out of the building, and no one would come to our rescue.

But, if you're a fake reporter who is taking money to throw softballs, you get special treatment. The rules don't apply to you like they do to everyone else.

This is the "rule of law" party? This is the "personal responsibility" president?

Do you think hiring gay male prostitutes is what all those "moral values" voters voted for last November?

Did you know that it is illegal for government funds to be used for propaganda? Why is there no special prosecutor looking into this, along with Armstrong Williams and the other reporters the White House secretly paid to endorse White House positions? These are illegal acts! Why isn't this a scandal of the first order? Clinton gets impeached for lying about getting a blowjob, but Bush uses Federal money for propaganda in an attempt to derail the free flow of communication that makes democracy work, a classic move of fascist and totalitarian dictators, and nothing happens?

How can America not see that this guy cares nothing for morality or the rule of law? That this regime does not believe in "a government of the people, for the people, by the people," but rather that they are absolute rulers and can lie, cheat, and steal the American people as much as they want?



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