Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Even CS Lewis Agrees!

Check this out. C.S. Lewis is a terrible, terrible Christian apologist. His arguments are just dressed up versions of the old classics, like the Argument from Design. He adds nothing new to the discussion, except, perhaps, a less-academic writing style. That, perhaps, is the reason that Lewis seems to be the favorite apologist of most Christians, despite the lack of invention or intellectual rigor his apologetics display.

But even Lewis understood one important fact: Religious freedom protects Christians from oppression as much as everyone else. How is it that so many evangelicals can quote passages from Lewis' works, especially "Mere Christianity," but so willfully ignore this passage?

Is it the same blindness that causes them to decry gay marriage because of a line in Leviticus while ignoring the parts about stoning disobedient children?


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