Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Planning? What's That?

Now, I'm not saying that the Bush regime was negligently incompetent in planning for the aftermath of "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. I don't need to say it. Check out this article that does it for me. I would not be nearly as sanguine about the call-up as this guy is.

Anything to avoid the draft the Bush regime promised not to implement. As well as tricking enlistees with a "try one" gimmick where the Army tells you that you only have to serve one year and can then get out if you don't like it, but puts in the fine print that they can really keep you forever. And then they keep you forever. Seven guys are suing the Army over that one.

The only term I that really applies for how badly the Bush regime planned for this is 'criminal incompetence.' My job title is PLANNER. I know what it means to plan for something. It doesn't mean, things are definitely going to happen the way we want, so there's no need to worry about anything else. That is called FAILURE to plan. "Planning" is when you consider, at the very least, two contingencies. Planning for one contigency is more properly called betting.

That's what the Bush regime did. They made a bet, with America's reputation, standing in the world, and the lives of US soldiers on the line. And they lost. Gamblers know never to make a bet that you can't afford to lose. Apparently the Bush regime either doesn't know that, or thought it was okay to lose this bet. Tell that to the 1000+ soldiers who have already died in this fiasco.

Would it really have been so hard to expect an easy rebuilding but plan for an insurgency? Apparently the American people think so, since they reelected these idiots to office.

Well, to quote SNL's parody of Bush, "Being President is hard. It's hard work!"

I guess it would have been just too hard to take the time to do a little planning, huh?


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