Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Politics As Usual

How can so many people not see that the abuses of power, the cheating, and the lies coming out of the Bush regime are not "politics as usual" but a new and dangerous attack on the very soul of this nation?

Check this out. This guy illegally jams the Democrats' phones and then is still made New England chair of the Bush/Cheney '04 campaign. They only dumped him when he was put under investigation! These are the people running as the "rule of law" party? If they really believe what they are saying, why do they think they have to cheat in order to win? Could it be that they know that their ideas are bankrupt and that people will see it if they don't lie and cheat?

I would say, "draw your own conclusions," but unfortunately, too many people have done just that, and decided that these kinds of shenanigans (did you say, "shenanigans?") are okay.


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