Monday, March 26, 2007


According to a website that discusses the religious beliefs of various comic-book heroes, including Superman (apparently a Methodist), there is this little tidbit I found fascinating:

...[T]he weekly newspaper of the SS - Das Schwarze Korps - responded to Superman taking on Der Fuhrer [in the comics]. The article slammed Siegel [Jewish co-creator of Superman] as "intellectually and physically circumcised," said Superman was "lacking all strategic sense and tactical ability," and accused the costumed hero of sowing "hate, suspicion, evil, laziness, and criminality" in the "young hearts" of American children.

Wow. In my extensive readings on various aspects of the Nazi regime, I'd come across a lot of description about how the Nazi propaganda machine worked to destroy its enemies, foreign and domestic. And I knew that Superman socked Hitler one in the jaw in a WWII-era comic. But I had no idea that Das Schwarze Korps actually took time out from its invectives against the Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt, and communists to blast... Superman.

Jeez. Those Nazis really knew how to pick the losing horse, didn't they? Superman's 'S' is one of the most recognized symbols on the planet today. I've read that people in some of the most remote villages in the world know it when they see it.

Superman 1, Hitler 0.


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