Friday, March 23, 2007

Dissent Over Gitmo

According to an article at TPMmuckraker, there is a division in the Bush regime over the future of the detention center at Gitmo. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, shortly after succeeding Rumsfeld,* began advocating for closing it down and was apparently -- surprisingly -- joined by Condi. The side of Evil, as usual, being advocated by Darth Cheney and Alberto "what are these 'civil rights' of which you speak?" Gonzales, who think it should stay open.

Why do the Dark Lord and his new apprentice want to continue showing the world America's hypocrisy in both human rights and rule of law? They have two objections:
  1. Closing Gitmo down would mean bringing the detainess onto US soil and thus making them subject to -- gasp! -- American law, and
  2. The regime would be admitting it was wrong.

Let's think about this for just a second. The whole reason the detainees are at Gitmo is that they were "unlawful combatants." Emphasis on unlawful. The regime's argument is, essentially, that because these guys broke the law (in this case, international law), the US can hold them forever without having to try them or give them habeus rights as required by US law. In other words, disregarding the law makes these guys so bad that the only way for the US to deal with them is... uh... to disregard the law?

Hello, pot? This is the kettle...

You're black!

Hell, I don't know why the regime bothers anyway. They violate the law on US soil all the damned time. Why would holding these guys in violation of the law be any different?

But the second reason is a real gem. Apparently, actually being wrong doesn't matter much to his Cheney. I guess he must be used to it, since he's been wrong in every damned thing he's said or done since the regime took office. "We'll be greeted as liberators." "The insurgency is on its last legs." "The British leaving means things are going well." etc., etc. What really bothers him is admitting to being wrong.

No matter that the whole goddamned world knows that trusting Cheney's judgment is worse than just flipping a coin. Or that Gitmo has been a foreign policy and domestic political disaster. Or that our enemies use it as a prime example of the arrogance and power-madness of the US to stir up resentment and hatred. None of it matters to Cheney, as long as he never has to say "I was wrong."

Or even "I'm sorry for all the damage I've done."

Nope. Never happen.

Well, let's hope that Gates and Condi will win one, and I can say to Darth Cheney, "Your powers are weak, old man!"

History will mention Gitmo in the same breath as the Trail of Tears and Manzanar. Let's put it behind us as quickly as possible.



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