Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

I know you are, what am I? That's essentially what Bush said at his press conference yesterday in regards to the US Attorney (USA) firing scandal when he accused the Democrats in Congress of playing politics by "trying to score political points."

What a fucking crock! The White House and the Justice Department fire a bunch of outstanding USAs for political reasons -- like being upset that one had the temerity to indict corrupt Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham -- and when Congress investigates, they are the ones playing politics? Holy fucking crap.

There's a lot more shady stuff going on than I realized. Just check out some of the stuff coming to light over at Joshua Micah Marshall's TMPMuckraker (great tag line: They have muck. We have rakes). Looks like the regime stopped an investigation that might have led up to Gonzales by refusing investigators the security clearances they needed to do the investigation. And it's entirely possible a lot of these firings were done in order to prevent investigations of corrupt Republicans, which is a crime: Obstruction of Justice.

Bush, of course, also told Congress to fuck off at his press conference yesterday, saying that Harriet Myers, Karl Rove, et al will only testify in private, with no transcriptions, and not under oath. Great government transparency there. Hmmm. Let's think a minute... why wouldn't the regime want them to testify in public and under oath? Hmm...

Oh! I know! Because these hacks are going to lie through their damned teeth, and they don't want to do it in public and where they can get charged with perjury. It's funny that the Republicans thought it was appropriate to subpeona Clinton, a sitting President, about whether he got a blowjob from an intern, and have him testify under oath in public, but fucking Myers and Rove testifying in public is somehow beyond the pale? Give me a break.

Okay, so I wasn't all that pissed off about this story before, just weary. Well, I've gotten my pissed-off back on after hearing Bush yesterday.

This is going to lead to subpeonas, for sure, and an assertion of Executive Privilege which will likely lead to a Constitutional crisis over the separation of powers. Let me tell you, though, I wish so bad that the Democrats had 60 votes in the Senate, because then they could do what should be done and show Bush how the goddamned separation of powers works by impeaching that bastard. And Cheney too.

Not that I'm terribly excited about the prospect of President Pelosi. I don't like her that much. But fuck, we could get a kid with Down's syndrome in the Oval Office to do a better job than Bush. And I'm not even kidding with that. Seriously. A kid with Down's syndrome couldn't possibly do more damage than the Bush regime has done and will do in the next two years.

I can only imagine how much this must suck ass for Al Gore. First, the guy actually wins the popular vote and doesn't end up President. That's gotta be tough, like having you boss and the other managers tell you that you should have gotten the promotion, but they gave it to someone else anyway. But then, seeing what damage this regime has done over the past six years? How could you not sit up at night thinking that if you'd run a better damned campaign that all this could have been avoided? How could you not feel that you are responsible for all this by your failure to win by a big enough margin that recounts in Florida didn't come into play? That's gotta haunt a guy.



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