Monday, January 10, 2005

The Salvador Option

Oh... my.... fucking.... god...

Check this out.

They're calling it "The Salvador Option": Setting up death squads to kill "Sunni insurgents and their sympathizers, even across the border into Syria?" Oh, yeah, that's going to go great! No danger in that.

Christ. You think the Sunnis hate us now? Just wait until Kurdish and Shiite death squads start paying the Sunnis back for years of oppression. There's a word for that: genocide. The word that the Clinton administration wouldn't use during Rwanda, the word the Bush regime is afraid to use to describe Darfour, and the word the Bush regime will deny soon in Iraq.

And they'll be tasked to take out not only insurgents but also "sympathizers." As history shows, in situations like these, the definition of "sympathizer" pretty quickly becomes "anyone the death squads don't like." Massacres of whole families and villages. Extortion of protection money. Guilt by association. Shooting first and never asking questions. After all, you can't really prove someone was a sympathizer, and after the person is dead, who is going to dispute it? When Americans come upon row after row of dead Sunnis, and the death squads say, "They were all sympathizers," what are we doing to do? After all, we're the ones who gave them a license to murder.

For every Sunni murdered by these death squads five terrorists who hate America will be created.

And allowing these death squads, along with Special Forces teams, to operate over the border into Syria? Well, I'm sure that will go over just great. It's not as if the Bush regime is actually trying to instigate a conflict with Syria, is it? 'Cause it sure looks like the regime is doing its best.

You know, I like Israel and support its right to exist, but I criticized them when they renewed their poorly-titled "Track-and-Kill" policy. There's just no way that is going to go over well with Palestinians or the Muslim world. I mean, it's called the "Track-and-Kill" policy, for the love of!

And now Rumsfeld is thinking about creating death squads and the regime is even calling it "The Salvador Option." As if things went well with the death squads in El Salvador. As if Iran-Contra wasn't the result of El Salvador. As if murders weren't committed on a vast scale in El Salvador.

Hell, why not call it the "SS Sonderkommando Option?" Or the "Solution to the Sunni Question?" Hey, while you're at it, why don't we call the whole operation "The Resettlement of the Sunnis?" Yeah. Or just be blunt and call it the "Mass Murder Option."

I really, really hope they don't actually implement "The Salvador Option." Because it not only would be a disaster for the US, but it would be so amazingly wrong and immoral that I might just lose the last bit of pride I have in America or being an American. I don't think any of my remaining shreds of faith in the US would survive.


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