Friday, January 07, 2005

Kill Them All; God Will Know His Own

Religious leaders around the world have been trying to make sense of the recent tsunami in light of a theistic worldview. Some have chosen to believe that the tsunami was God's judgment or wrath upon sinful Muslims.

On the radio this morning, a Christian said, "There were no innocent people killed in the tsunami." In other words, since God would never kill the innocent, and the tsunami is God's wrath and judgment upon sinners, by definition there could be no innocent victims. Every victim is, ex post facto, deserving of the fate of perishing in a wall of water.

It turns my stomach that, to add to the grief and death being experienced as a result of the tsunami, that people here in America have the audacity to sit back in their wealth and proclaim the thousands of people who lost their lives as evil sinners who deserved to die.

And, as so many Americans are buying into this "clash of cultures" bullshit, they still fail to realize that the forces driving us into greater conflict with the Muslim world act and think just like the Muslims do!

The same logic above is how the 9/11 hijackers justified all the deaths they caused: Since God would never kill the innocent, and God has told us to do this as his wrath and judgment upon sinners, by definition there can be no innocent victims.

What atrocities couldn't you justify with this kind of thinking?


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