Friday, January 23, 2009

Couldn't You Load Your Gun First?

I'm a pretty ardent defender of 4th-Amendment rights here in the US, and I think, in general, that 4th Amendment rights have been eroded to next to nothing by the Federal Courts. And, while I hate guns and gun violence, I have become more of a defender of the 2nd Amendment as well, because I choose not to be a hypocrite and pick-and-choose which rights in the Bill of Rights I think are important.

But still, even I have to side with the police that they have enough reasonable suspicion to pull you over if you take both hands off the wheel to load your gun while you are driving! I mean, come on, you can't load your gun before you get in the car? Or at least when you aren't moving?

I'm pretty sure I would suspect that someone who was in such a hurry to load his gun that he couldn't pull over to do it might, just might, maybe, be planning to shoot someone from the car. Very shortly. Perhaps.

So, a tip to all you would-be criminals out there: Load your gun before you leave the house. You'll feel so much better you did!

Hat tip: The Agitator


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