Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dream Team?

During MSNBC's pre-inauguration coverage yesterday, there was a hand-drawn sign in the crowd that read, "Obama + Biden = Dream Team." And I couldn't help thinking to myself, really?

Presumably, such a sign implies the person displaying it wanted Biden as VP before he was picked. In fact, this person was worried that Obama might not pick Biden, because then it wouldn't be the "Dream Team."

Obama + Clinton? Not the "Dream Team."
Obama + Evan Bayh? Not the "Dream Team."
Obama + Tim Kaine? Not the "Dream Team."
Obama + Chris Dodd? Not the "Dream Team."
Obama + Chuck Hegel? Not the "Dream Team."

If truly Obama + Biden is this person's "Dream Team," then no one else but Biden would have done. If Obama had picked Bayh, that person would have been like, "Crap! It's all going downhill now. He should have picked Biden. Then the ticket would have been perfect. Obama would have rolled to election. There's only one person who can rocket the ticket to victory: Joe Biden."

I mean, I like Joe Biden. My girlfriend liked him for the primaries (though he was out, like my personal favorite, Dennis Kucinich, before we got to vote in the primaries anyway). He's a fine pick, he'll do a good job if tasked. He's entertaining. His gaffes probably didn't help the campaign, but obviously didn't hurt it much either. (Though now his wife seems to be getting in on the action.) Nothing wrong with him.

But even my girlfriend, a Biden fan, couldn't get on board with the idea that anyone was really thinking that adding Biden to the ticket with Obama would put the ticket over the top and turn it into a "Dream Team."

I mean, c'mon. Do you think historians a hundred years from now are going to be talking about how critical Biden was to Obama's success?

Somehow, I doubt it.


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