Friday, October 19, 2007

Why? Why? Why?

Why in the hell would you even make the kind of remarks that Justice Department voting rights chief John Tanner did recently? He said that voter ID laws, which are thought to disproportionately affect elderly voters who are more likely to lack proper ID, don't affect minorities as much, since they usually don't live to be elderly.

Even if that were true, what in the hell would possess you to say it? How is that possibly going to be a good idea and work out well? Even if it is true, the best interpretation of it is going to be basically be, "Minorities die young because the system screws them, so, why do they care if we screw old people? They aren't going to be old people anyway." Can you imagine that logic in regular life? "It doesn't matter that they're paving over the park you used to like to play in, because they'd already decided not to let people like you into the park anyway." Wow. That would really make me feel better, let me tell you.

So, John Tanner of the Justice Department, for saying something that even an autistic 3rd-grader who is obsessed with Home & Garden TV would know was going to get him in trouble, I award you the 3rd Ed Renner prize!




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