Friday, October 19, 2007

The Mote In Your Own Eye...

Okay, Democrats in Congress, knock it the fuck off. You said you were going to do something about all those damned pork-barrel spending earmarks most of the electorate hate so much. Almost no one, except for maybe hard-core Democrat supporters, believed you. Yet, still, after so much bullshit with Bush, a lot of left-wingers went out on a limb and gave you the benefit of the doubt and defended you when everyone, from centrists to far-right batshit wackos, said you were full of it.

So, stop being fucking full of it! I know that it is traditional Washington politics to crap all over the other party's earmarks when they control Congress, promise to do something about them if you get into control, and then promptly line up at the feed trough when you do get into power. It pisses me off enough that you congressional Democrats are following that script so perfectly, but do you really have it to make it so goddamned easy for the right to paint you as tax-and-spenders? Yeah, I know the Republicans do it too, that they are tax-and-spenders as much as you are, but Democrats are the ones trying to live down that reputation, not Republicans, and you just give the Republicans ammunition when you pull crap like this.

I mean, come on. How, exactly, did you think you were going to defend Federal funding for a freakin' Woodstock museum? Did you really think there was any way that wasn't going to look like the big frickin' piece of bacon it obviously is?

I don't want to hear another goddamned word out of you Democrats about how the Republicans spend our money until you clean up your own goddamned house. Until you do that, you are just handing the Republicans a gift that will keep on giving for years and years... You may as well be hanging a sign around your own necks that says "tax-and-spenders."



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