Monday, August 27, 2007

I'd Be Exhausted Too...

On NPR today, speaking of today's news of Alberto Gonzales' resignation, Noel Francesco, Assistant Deputy Attorney General under Bush Sr., said, "I suppose he's exhausted after seven years as White House Counsel and Attorney General."

Yeah, I gotta imagine that if I spent seven years ripping up the Geneva Convention, tearing down prohibitions against torture, stripping Americans of their civil rights, making the President into a king, and shredding the Constitution, I'd be pretty tired too. I mean, destroying a system of checks and balances that has stood (sometimes working better than others) for over two-hundred years isn't an easy task. After all that, who wouldn't need a break?


At 5:00 AM, Blogger Charles said...

Two things struck me about this resignation.

- when Gonzales was announcing it he mentioned how a career in Public Service was an honorable thing...but he never specifically made the claim that he was acting in Public Service - a weasel to the end.

- when Bush was talking about Gonzales as 'talented and honorable' the thought that ran through my head was "well there's two more entries I can add to the list of words the President doesn't know how to use in a sentence"


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