Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Religious Right Doesn't Actually Care What "The People" Think

In its quest to turn the US into a Christian theocracy, the religious right often criticizes judges who rule against them as going against "the will of the people," as if they actually give a shit about the will of the people. They don't. It's just a card they use when it happens to work in their favor, but when "the will of the people" isn't in accord with their theocratic agenda, they have no compunction about trying to override "the will of the people" and institute their agenda anyway.

Case in point. In Cincinnati, Ohio, two workers for an ironically (and gramatically incorrectly) named group Equal Rights Not Special Rights [sic] have been found guilty of using fraudulent names on a petition to get a measure repealing a law forbidding discrimination against gays onto the ballot. That's right: when there weren't enough people willing to sign the petition, showing that "the will of the people" was that the measure not be placed on the ballot, the religious right tried to cheat and override "the will of the people."

Just keep that in mind, folks. If you buy into the right's bullshit, believing that they actually care about the will of the people, don't be surprised when they continue doing what they are already doing: implementing their agenda regardless, even over the objections of the people. Because they don't give a shit what people think -- they think their invisible sky fairy has told them what is right and wrong and that listening to His will makes cheating and lying to get power A-OK. They think the people should listen to what they think their sky fairy says, not that they should listen to the will of the people.

Also, I love this whole "equal rights, not special rights" bullshit. Christians are already protected from discrimination under the law. So, how is it that when gays want the same protections they are asking for "special" rights? Wouldn't equal rights mean that they should get the same protection from discrimination as everyone else, including Christians?

Makes no goddamned sense.


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