Friday, July 13, 2007

Religious Freedom = "Freedom" For Christians, Not Others

When arguing for their theocratic cause, far-right Christians often talk about "religion" being kept out of schools or the public square, as if they are fighting for the rights of all religious people, not just Christians. They don't want Christian theocracy, they say, just more tolerance for religious views.

They're full of shit. Yesterday, Christians protested and disrupted an opening prayer being delivered by a Hindu chaplain in the US Senate. They fight so hard to make sure that it's okay to have religious invocations at government functions, but then get pissed if it's not a Christian invocation.

They aren't fighting for the rights of the religious, they're fighting to make the US a Christian theocracy, and they only want to put prayer and religious indoctrination in the schools if it's Christian prayer and Christian indoctrination.


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