Monday, July 09, 2007

How Long Do We Wait?

While all indications -- shock! -- are that the so-called "surge" of troops in Iraq is failing, all we hear out of the Bush regime is that we have to give the surge more time to work. "The troops only got there two weeks ago," they say.

Well, first off, the surge started in January. Only the last brigade of troops in the surge arrived recently. The first troops arrived six months ago. Despite what the regime claims, the surge has been going on for six months, not two weeks.

But, more importantly, how much longer can we wait while Bush runs out the clock on his presidency by asking us to wait and see if his new dipshit strategy will work any better than his last one? How long do you let a guy keep working on your garbage disposal even after he made your pipes burst and flooded your kitchen with sewage, just because he says, "Wait, wait, I've got a new idea. Give me a minute to try it..."? How long do you sit listening to the ominous rumbling in your pipes while the guy says, "It hasn't been long enough. Just wait and see," while you're standing ankle-deep in water and muck?

Because that's exactly what Bush is asking us to do now. To trust him, give him a chance to let his new plan -- the plan the regime is already lying about by claiming it only started two weeks ago -- work, even though we're more like neck deep in the shit because of his past errors in judgment. I mean, where does it end? Because Bush will just come up with a new flawed strategy after this one and say we have now should wait until we see what happens with that one before Congress or anyone else should step in. And another after that, and another, until Bush's term ends and he can hand off this clusterfuck to the next President.

We don't need to wait to see if the surge will work. We knew before the regime implemented the surge that it wouldn't work, we have six months and counting of evidence that it isn't working, and we have no reason to give the Bush regime the benefit of the doubt that they have a plan to make it work.

Rhetorical tricks like "wait and see" may work on the Faux News-watching mouthbreathers, but don't let it work on you. Bush is incompetent, he doesn't listen to his commanders, and he's just running out the clock. There's no reason to let him continue with this disastrous course of action.


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