Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh, Now You Want To Be Against The War?!?

Because there wasn't anything on my TiVo that I wanted to watch this morning (okay, there was, but those shows were all "us" shows that I have to wait and watch with my girlfriend), I was watching Morning Joe on MSNBC, hosted by former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough. And there he is, sounding almost like Keith Olbermann, making snide remarks about how just yesterday the Iraqi government had met none of the benchmarks set for them but that now the Bush regime is claiming they've met eight of the fifteen and how amazing it is that the Iraqis managed that in twenty-four hours, and about how the US could have used all the resources squandered in failed nation building in Iraq to actually fight terrorists.

Well, isn't it great that Republicans like Scarborough and Lindsey Graham have noticed what a clusterfuck Iraq is after only four years of supporting the disastrous decisions of the incompetent Bush regime? Isn't it great that now that things are so fucked up that only liars and the willfully blind could claim they're going well they have the courage to speak up and voice their opposition?

It's kind of like Bush drove our car into a muddy ditch, and for the past four years while Bush was spinning the car's wheels trying to get out but only digging them in deeper, these guys have been standing by and cheering him as the car got more and more stuck. Only now, when Bush has lit a match and set the goddamned car on fucking fire have they finally decided that the situation is so far gone that they can safely say that Bush's plan to get the car out of the ditch isn't working.

You know what I want the Republicans to do? Shut the fuck up. Don't grandstand and act like you've used your amazing vision to see what no one else can. Don't act like you didn't know Iraq was a disaster a long time ago but supported the strategy anyway because you thought it was politically to your advantage. Show a little goddamned humility, admit you were wrong, and start working with the Democrats to fix it. You don't have to suck up to the Democrats, assholes, 'cause lots of them supported the war for far too long too, and they don't have a great plan to fix things either. But don't act like you've been on the side of the fucking angels this whole time. Don't act like you didn't help and actively support getting the US into this mess.

Because those of us who actually did see what a fucking calamity this was going to be before the US invaded Iraq, those of us who didn't buy Bush's bullshit assertions about WMDs and Saddam's connection to 9-11, those of us who have been trying to get Rumsfeld and Rice and Cheney and Bush to see reality and change course for the past four fucking years aren't buying your newfound conversion of conscience. You were for the war when you thought it was the right thing to do politically and now you're against it for the same reason. Admit it and move on.

And, for fuck's sake, stop taking snide potshots at the Bush regime from the sidelines as if you had nothing to do with what happened. You're not outsiders who could only stand by and watch like the rest of us. You are them, you are the ones who did this, and you don't get to snipe at the guy you put in power and supported now.



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