Friday, February 16, 2007

We're the Knights, Baby

There's a very funny show on ABC, which is probably gonna get cancelled, called The Knights of Prosperity. Man, it's good. It's about a janitor getting together a group to try to get rich by robbing Mick Jagger (and, judging by the previews, other celebrities, eventually).

Watch it.

The relevance to this blog is something the character Roosevelt, a huge fat black guy with a Barry White voice, said in a episode last week. He's gotten a job as a security guard with the firm that does Mick's security, and he needs to get a computer whiz of a kid in to the office with him so the kid can do some computer magic for them. The kid is of Indian (Asia) descent and looks nothing like Roosevelt.

As Roosevelt is going past the guard at the desk, another black guy, Roosevelt ad-libs by pointing at the kid and saying, "White chick!" and giving the guard a thumbs up.

The guard returns the thumbs up, then says, "Wait, a white chick gave you an Indian kid?"

And Roosevelt says, "I believe in Intelligent Design, man. I don't question the creator."

I cracked up. It's a funny line, it fits the character (Roosevelt's ad-libs are bad but work primarily because he's big, black, and has that voice), and is a subtle dig at ID without being polemical about it. My girlfriend, who doesn't care much about ID at all, still said, "I can't believe they put that in there! That's great."

My other favorite thing from the show, which has nothing to do with anything important, is also a line of Roosevelt's from another episode. They're talking to a guy about the fake ID they need for Roosevelt for him to use as his ID for the security job (he obviously doesn't want them to know his real name), and out of the blue Roosevelt suggests as his fake name (imagine this said in a Barry White voice):

"Liquid Cool."

When the others throw him a doubtful glance, he suggests, "How 'bout Stan L. ...Cool...?"

He ends up, somehow, with (I kid you not) the name 'Reginald Van Hoofstraten.' Later, when he has trouble remembering the name, Roosevelt complains, "See? We should have stuck with Liquid Cool."

Probably isn't as funny reading it as it was in the show. But I couldn't get it out of my head. I want a T-shirt that says, "Liquid Cool." I asked my girlfriend if she would call me that, since she has refused to call me "Mr. Awesome," but she wasn't into "Liquid Cool" either.



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