Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Those Pesky Daily Bombings

On last night's The Daily Show, they played a clip of an interview with Laura Bush where she said that lots of good things are happening in Iraq but we're just not seeing it because we're distracted by pesky "bombings" happening "every day."

Seriously. She's trying to convince us the fact that there are daily bombings in Iraq is somehow obscuring the fact that things are actually going very well. But, with our short attention spans, we can't get past those silly little explosions to see it.

Here's what I would consider an indicator that things are going well in Iraq and Afghanistan: There weren't fucking bombings every day!

An unreasonably high standard, I know. It's not as if the Vice President just almost got blown up by the Taliban, who we supposedly defeated years ago, for God's sake. Oh, wait, it is just like that.

And, of course, there was the article in the New Yorker this weekend about how, while the regime is denying that we're getting ready to attack Iran, we really are, just like before we attacked Iraq. Yay. That's a great idea. It'll be just freakin' wonderful.

I think Jon Stewart called it a "fucktastrophe" last night. That's about right.


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