Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Conservapedia Wackiness!

According to Andrew Schlafly (Conservapedia username Asschlafly, emphasis mine), Conservapedia represents "a new way of learning about history and science."

That is to say, a wrong way.

There's giving a conservative view of things, and then there's just lying. Conservapedia does the latter. Most of the shit on there -- even before the parodists starting rewriting the articles for humorous effect -- is just bullshit. Lies. Despite what some evangelical right-wingers would have us believe, being lied to is not "learning."

Making shit up then presenting it as if it's true isn't "teaching" either.

I find it deeply ironic that the same people who curse the left's "moral relativism" and like to tell us that "there are absolutes" don't think that reality is one of them.


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