Monday, August 01, 2005

For all those who voted for Karl Rov-- er, Dubya

It's no accident that the Bush regime's top advisor and political strategist committed what is likely a Federal crime and outed a covert CIA agent to the press. For everyone who voted for Bush who is appalled by this but saying, "I never thought they'd do something like that," how about this:


This is what Rove does. If you hire a guy whose main advisor's primary qualification is that he came up with the idea of push-polling to get people to think John McCain had an illegitimate Vietnamese child and thinking of ways to trick people out of their right to vote, then you shouldn't be surprised when that guy's regime does underhanded, slimy things apart from just rigging elections. If you sat around thinking, "Well, all the morally reprehensible things Rove and the Bush campaign do are okay because all is fair in politics," well, sociopaths like Rove don't see the line between politics and outing covert CIA agents.

And don't say you weren't warned. I, along with many others on the left, screamed to the heavens about this before the election. If you didn't listen, it's because you chose not to.


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