Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Preaching as Hate Crime?

According to NBC 10 News in Philadelphia, four members of Repent America, a Christian group, have been charged with a hate crime -- ethnic intimidation -- and rioting, for preaching the Bible and protesting at a gay and lesbian rally.

Amazingly, the Philadelphia police have managed to violate both the important rights guaranteed in the First Amendment: freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

I don't like the views Christians such as these hold of gays. I don't like Christians telling me that I'm a hellbound sinner. And I don't like Christians preaching to me from the Bible in public places.

But I don't have the right to stop them. And neither does the police and government.

Unless the Repent America members actually committed an act of physical violence which was not in self-defense, I see no just cause to charge them with crimes, especially crimes that could lead to 47 years of imprisonment.


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