Thursday, January 27, 2005

How To Start Your Job As Attorney General

Did you hear about a judge and others in Texas allege that Gonzales lied in his deposition to the Senate Judiciary Committee? Apparently, he helped Bush get out of jury duty while Bush was Governor of Texas because Bush would have to disclose his DUI if he were chosen to serve. But he told the Judiciary Committee that he didn't.

And this guy is going to be the chief law enforcement officer in the US?

And this is the "rule of law*" party?

*From the Conservative Dictionary of English, 46th Edition:
Law, (n.), Rules and regulations for conduct of the non-wealthy and non-powerful. The powerful and wealthy are exempt.


At 1:53 AM, Blogger Eric (Rick) said...

Covering up a DUI for the idiot-in-chief is small potatoes. How about calling the Geneva Convention quaint and providing the legal justification of the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay abuses which have so hurt America's reputation around the world. In most democratic governments he would have been forced to resign, but in our government, he is promoted. Pretty scary, huh?

At 9:21 AM, Blogger mooglar said...

Oh, certainly Gonzales' position on the Geneva Conventions and International Humanitarian Law is far more distressing than this DUI thing, and I have previously posted on those issues. (As a member of the American Red Cross, I find assaults on International Humanitarian Law particularly repugnant).

But I think the issue of Gonzales lying to the Judiciary Committee is still important. As disgusting as I would find anyone who agreed with Gonzales' position on the use of torture and the obsolescence of International Humanitarian Law, in the American system of government, holding such opinions is Gonzales' right, no matter how wrong he is. And holding those opinions does not *legally* disqualify him as Attorney General.

But lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee is another matter. That is perjury and Contempt of Congress. The whole point of the hearings is to find out if the candidate is suitable for the position. Committing crimes during the hearing is a clear-cut disqualifier. Right there, whether you agree with Gonzales or not, anyone who supports or claims to support the "rule of law" should oppose Gonzales' nomination. Yet the "rule of law" party has failed to do so.


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