Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Close Call

So, I can add to my already impressive list of times I almost died, though I can't be sure how close in this particular case. I am also fairly proud of how I reacted, though I don't know if it will really sound all that impressive.

I'm out last night in the parking lot to my building, and this guy in a minvan drives by me really slowly for some reason. I'd noticed him get into the van, and saw what he looked like and what he was wearing, mostly because I'm a little paranoid when I'm out in the dark late at night and tend to notice those things. So, he drives past, then I guess he looped around (I didn't see him do it, but he must have), came back around the corner, gunned his engine, and drove straight at me.

I am always kind of amazed at how different levels of stress affect me. I hate fighting, so when I am, for instance, about to spar someone in a tournament, I get really nervous and shaky. But, if someone just attacks me, which should be a more stressful situation, I don't have any problems. Sort of like my job. Regular life flusters and upsets me, but I can deal with terrible disasters and stressful situations with no trouble.

So, instead of panicking, as I might well have done, given how unexpected it was for someone to try to run me down in the parking lot, my mind went into overdrive and I actually considered my options in about a split second before deciding to run in between some parked cars for protection. Now, most people would have probably done the same thing, but just out of an automatic panic response. I actually considered what to do and knew why I was doing it.

The guy veered off and then sped away, not even slowing down for the speed bump, too fast for me to get his license plate, which I tried to do. He zoomed out of the complex and turned left, which I noted for a reason and will come up again later. I stood there for a second, trying to decide what to do. The main options that came to mind were to chase him or to call the police. But he could easily turn off before I could get to him in my car, and calling the police without a license number or some other solid information would probably prove fruitless.

But, it occurred to me that this idiot might be dumb enough to think if he drives around for a couple minutes I will go inside and he can come back safely. So, I got into my car and sat and waited to see if he came back. Sure enough, he did. I watched him park and go back inside the building. Then, I drove by and got his license number (US 4818, for curiosity's sake), went back and called the police. Heh.

Of course, the police kept asking me dumb questions like, "Are you sure he was trying to run you over?" I was like, "Well, he was probably just trying to scare me, but he did it on purpose. He turned around and came back, gunned his engine, and drove right at me." At first, they were like, "We don't know what apartment he lives in because the vehicle is registered to a woman in Raynham," but somehow they figured it out and talked to the guy. He told them that he "didn't see me" and also said it happened down from where it actually did, where there aren't any lights, as opposed to where it actually happened, right underneath a street lamp. He also told them he "just ran out to the convenience store to get some cigarettes," but the convenience store is to the right, not to the left, where he went. So, any doubt I had that it was an accident went out the window since he was obviously lying to cover his tracks. (Also, if it was an accident, you'd think he might stop and make sure I was okay rather than speeding away and flying over a speed bump).

Anyway, I guess I could have made a complaint or pressed charges, but I asked the cops if they could just scare him a little so he wouldn't do it again and they said they would. I figure he was trying to scare me, but it was icy out and he could actually hit someone that way. I wasn't angry or anything, but just trying to do my duty to protect anyone else he might try to scare, so I didn't necessarily see the need to carry it further. Though I did consider it, just because of what a pain in the ass it was to have to talk to the police and crap, since the police always treat you like you did something, even when you're the one who called. Also, they kept wanting to come in but my apartment is an unholy mess so I didn't want them to, which I guess makes them suspicious or something.

Ah, what a life I live. Jeesh.


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