Monday, December 20, 2004

Donald Rumsfeld: Public Relations Master

Did you catch this over the weekend? It turns out that, though President Bush takes the time to sign the condolence letters to the families of members of the military killed in Iraq personally, Rumsfeld has been using a mechanical pen for his signature.

I don't know what astounds me the most about this story. Is it this newest indication that Rumsfeld has no sense of responsibility to the men and women he sends into combat every day? Is it that Rumsfeld is such an idiot that it never occurred to him that not signing those letters would piss people off? Or is it that Bush, who has once again been made to look the fool by his Secretary of Defense, who by this action essentially said, "Well, the President may have time to sign these letters, but I don't," is standing by this albatross of a political liability?

I can't even begin to try to figure out who the bigger idiot is here, Bush or Rumsfeld.

All I know is that neither have a career in public relations waiting for them when they are done with government.


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