Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Ass On The Way Out...

According to CNN, Wolfowitz's tenure at the World Bank is about to end, and, to quote Yoda, "Not short enough it was." I don't have the slightest bit of sympathy for this asshole, even if I ignore the fact that he was the principal architect and proponent of the ongoing disastrous clusterfuck in Iraq.

Just focusing on his World Bank adventures I still can't stand this asshole. First off, he was appointed to head up the World Bank by Bush, even though he was vocal in expressing his feeling that there was no need for the World Bank, for the same reason Bush appointed Bolton as his ambassador to the UN: To destroy it from inside. Wolfowitz's job was to grind things to a halt at the World Bank and weaken it to make it an easier target for being done away with. And he did a good job, too, since he spent most of his time going around the world telling everyone how the World Bank had fucked up and how it wasn't making things better but rather making them worse, without detailing any plan for fixing it.

Oh, wait, he did have one stated goal apart from his unstated one of destroying the Bank: To end corruption. I guess he got his girlfriend a plum job at the State Department, with a huge tax-exempt raise and a guarantee she'd get good performance appraisals no matter her actual performance, by way of demonstrating his crack-down on said corruption, things like nepotism and giving personal favors. Yeah. Because the best way to show that you're against corruption is to violate ethics rules in setting your girlfriend up in a cushy job.

If you come in on an anti-corruption platform, you have to be totally clean. That's the gig. You can't even brook the appearance of a conflict of interest, let alone use your position to get favors for your girlfriend. And you certainly can't talk tought about ending corruption and then whine when you get caught doing something inappropriate. You can't expect others to follow the rules, respect ethical boundaries, and take responsibility for their actions when you don't take any responsibility for your own. I already knew Wolfowitz was a horrible liar and self-deluded fool, but now we can add hypocrisy to his list of selling points. It's hard to run an organization on an anti-corruption platform when you're revealed to be a huge fucking hypocrite.

Some of the Western European nations have threatened to stop letting the US pick the World Bank president over the whole issue of how the Bush regime has supported Wolfowitz despite the obvious need for him to be fired or step down for the good of the Bank. I think they're right and should stop letting the US pick the World Bank president. The only way to curb abuses of power by future US administrations is to start reigning in this one. I think it will be good for everyone, including Americans, for the US to have get a smack on the nose with a newspaper for our arrogance.

With Wolfowitz, I think we should kick him in the balls. A lot.


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