Thursday, December 09, 2004

Tommy Thompson, You Rascal!

This is old news from last week, but I've been meaning to comment and kept forgetting (there's so much to complain about swirling in my mind that I can't keep track of it all.)

So, when Tommy Thompson, the Bush regime's Secretary of Health and Human Services, gave his resignation speech last week, he said, "For the life of me I can't understand why terrorists haven't attacked our food supply. It would be so easy to do with all the food we're importing from the Middle East," or pretty close to it (I'm too lazy to go look up the exact phrasing).

Now, I could comment, as The Daily Show did, about the fact that Thompson only now says something about this, rather than when he was in a position to do something, or what it says about the Bush regime. But that's not where I want to go with this.

No, I'm just wondering where the hell is the conservative outrcy? I mean, for the past year, every time that John Kerry, John Edwards, or any other Democrat questioned any facet of our readiness, our execution of the war on terror, or our execution of the war in Iraq, all we heard from the right was that they were "giving aid and comfort to the enemy" or words to that effect. Pointing out deficiencies in our defenses wasn't a good thing, it was helping the bad guys! It wasn't the Bush regime's fault for being so bad at protecting the country, no! It's the Democrats pointing it out to the terrorists that's bad!

So why the hell aren't conservatives up in arms about Thompson so boldy telling Al-Qaeda that they should attack our food supply? Because they don't care a whit about the security of America unless there is political capital in doing so. They are hypocrites of the first order, scaring the American people for nothing more than political gain. Either it's wrong to criticize our readiness or it isn't. It can't be wrong for Democrats to do it but okay for Republicans.

This is just another indication of how the war on terror and the war in Iraq are nothing more than political gamesmanship by the Republicans. If Republicans really cared about what was best for America and keeping America safe, then it would matter to them that Bush led them into war on false pretenses. It would matter to them that Saddam didn't have WMD but North Korea does (which many, including myself, have been saying since before the Iraq war.) It would matter to them that American soldiers are dying every day, over a thousand now, as part of a boondoggle that Bush led us into for political reasons that had nothing to do with keeping America safe. It would matter that Bush opposed the creation of a Homeland Security Department until he was forced to do so (not that I think creating a new department makes us any safer myself, but a lot of Republicans do, so it should concern those who do that Bush didn't until politics made him). It would matter that Bush opposed the creation of the 9/11 commission.

But it doesn't matter to the Republicans at all. Because they are concerned with nothing more than their political futures and will wallow in hypocrisy as long as it keeps them in office.



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